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My story


I chose a football as my item for a story. I did it because it always brings me many fond memories of my childhood. As I grew older¸ one day I realized how important this football was. It was able to judge men! It told me I wasn’t good enough or strong enough¸ it told me that I wasn’t as good as my peers¸ it was my own judge. This all changed on my freshmen year in High School¸ I learned there that is not natural skill or talent that made you better at the game¸ but it was something different:  the effort you are willing to give. Picking up a football means your willing to put in an effort! So here I am at Serra putting my effort in books¸ hoping to play in College¸ or better. I’ve learned who you’ve been isn’t who you have to be.

Charles Judd

11th Grade

Green Serra

 When you go to Serra High School, you are not just going for a sound education. We are a part of a long journey to keep the Earth we live on clean, safe and beautiful. We are an eco-friendly school; we recycle all our bottles and cans. We are also a tobacco and drug free campus! Serra is all about making a better place for ourselves and for our children’s future. What is a good future if we don’t have a green planet to celebrate it on?! Join us in being green. Go Serra Go Green!


- Tyler Hayden, Serra Senior

Absent Line

If you know your child will be absent, please call the Serra High School 24-hours Absent Line: (949) 489-7216

Week At A Glance



Please refer to the SONGS Website  to learn more about preparation for a SONGS emergency.


Welcome Message from the Principal

"It is so gratifying to be able to offer such a fine school program! Serra is instructionally sound and also provides a smaller learning environment for students. Our class size averages 20 and the resulting level of engagement and accountability provides a rich and textured learning experience for all. Our enrollment hovers at 200 and  having students from the entire CUSD  enhances our diversity and sensitivity to a multitude of learning styles, interests, and needs. Our mission is to serve our students and  families with a cohesive and positive educational experience.

"We are an accredited high school, recently earning a full 6 year term of accreditation. We are a small school with a BIG heart! Please feel free to contact us to learn more about our program" (Rich Bellante, Former Principal of Serra High School).

These words, written by Rich Bellante who recently retired as Serra High School's principal, continue to ring true today. In many ways, Mr. Bellante is the father of the modern Serra High School program which received accreditation from WASC as well as state wide recognition as a Model Continuation High School during his tenure. Like so much of what Mr. Bellante brought to Serra, we intend to keep his welcome message posted here, prominently on our school's home page as a powerful statement about the benefits of a Serra education and a welcome to all who would like to enter here and learn.


Joshua J. Hill

Prinicpal, Serra High School


Parent Portal Information

Parents are encouraged to create a Parent Portal access account, which will allow them to update student information in the District’s database, review student attendance by period and see an unofficial transcript of their child’s progress.

Information regarding creating a Parent Portal account can be found at: or by going to the district’s main web site and finding the Parent Portal link under Parent Links. Instructions for creating an account can be found by clicking here or by following the information that is available on the district’s website under the Parent Portal link.

Please note that 3 pieces of information are required in order to create the account.

  1. Your home phone number
  2. Your student’s 7-digit identification number
  3. A Verification Pass Code (The student ID number and Verification Pass Code are printed on their report card)

A letter containing this information will also be mailed to parents without portal accounts prior to registraton should a report card not be available. Assistance is also available from the front office once it reopens on August 13, 2013.

Students should also create a Student Portal account so that they have access to the same information and records as the Parent Portal. Students need their seven digit student ID number, an email address (must be different than their parents’), and the unique verification code that was used to create the Parent Portal account. Beginning next school year, students will use their Student Portal account to complete the registration process and choose their classes. It will be essential for students to have a valid Student Portal account to properly register for courses in the future. Students will not have the ability to change the data that parents enter in the Parent Portal. Information regarding opening a Student Portal account is available at .

Serra Graduation - Don't Give Up

CameraZOOM-20130405123742097_zps4e6a4bab.jpg CameraZOOM-20130405131557189_zps381b97a0.jpg CameraZOOM-20130405132418017_zps17acb93c.jpg CameraZOOM-20130405132418017_zps935507d2.jpg Spring2013Graduation_zps7fc1bff2.jpg

The End Is Closer Than You Think

DSC_0053_zps22375914.jpg DSC_0050_2_zps55fa030b.jpg DSC_0057_zps7cb256f4.jpg DSC_0064_2_zpsc8d6b492.jpg DSC_0059_2_zps4e8918b3.jpg DSC_0068_zpse1964805.jpg DSC_0070_2_zps482a0532.jpg DSC_0078_zps75bb8c89.jpg DSC_0080_zps1df5ff49.jpg DSC_0084_2_zps8b855519.jpg DSC_0036_zpsdd40ec59.jpg DSC_0024_zps29963600.jpg

Serra earns “Model Continuation High School” Award.

Serra Community:

This past year we were visited by a team of educators assessing us for model continuation high school.Our dedicated teachers and staff are happy to announce we have been awarded the prestigious title of “Model Continuation High School” for providing our students with “exemplary opportunities for Continuation High School students.” Serra was noted for our “innovative programs [that] demonstrate an enduring commitment to provide young people with the educational options and support services they need to successfully complete high school.” 

Thank you.

Blood Drive

058.JPG 085.JPG 056.JPG 061.JPG

Serra News

Summer Options for High School Students

Click Here to view Summer Options for High School Students.

Posted by: CUSD Webmaster
Published: 3/31/14

External Links Disclaimer

ATTENTION: The Capistrano Unified School District (CUSD) does not assume any responsibility or liability for the content that may be present within external Websites linked to and from this site that ...more


A Trip down the memory lane.

These last couple of years have been a rocky road of friendships, heartaches, stress, and a road of conquering fears and experiencing new things but guess what? You have made it this far and now this fairytale ends. Send the yearbook staff a baby picture and a current picture of how you look now we’d love to feature it in our yearbook. It would be awesome to see how much you’ve changed.


Send us the pictures to the yearbook email!

CUSD Mobile App

The District is conducting a survey to determine the features parents and students would prefer in a mobile app that can be used on smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. The results of the survey will factor into the choices that are made about these products. The survey will be available until Sept. 27, 2013, and can be accessed at:


A small school with a BIG heart!


Blood Drive Group DSC_0010.JPG DSC_0033.JPG blooddrivenicky.jpg DSC_0192.JPG DSC_0213.JPG DSC_0179.JPG
DSC_0019.JPG DSCN1934.JPG DSC_0003.JPG DSC_0013.JPG DSCN1953.JPG DSCN2249.JPG DSC_0017.JPG DSC_0008.JPG DSC_0011.JPG DSC_0009.JPG DSC_0010.JPG DSC_0016.JPG DSC_0021.JPG DSC_0020.JPG DSC_0031.JPG DSC_0024.JPG DSC_0028.JPG DSC_0023.JPG DSC_0030.JPG DSC_0039.JPG DSC_0033.JPG DSC_0041.JPG DSC_0052.JPG DSC_0042.JPG DSC_0047.JPG DSC_0049.JPG DSC_0054.JPG DSC_0022.JPG DSC_0060.JPG DSC_0057.JPG DSC_0061.JPG

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Serra High School is WASC Accredited

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